Spoonful of Spirit represents change and inspiration. It is my journey. It is everything I love and share with my family, friends, and students,  and would like to share with you.

A little about me….

I was a teacher for special needs students for over 16 years in Florida. I began my career with students with physical and intellectual impairments in 1998. In July 2005, after a few shifts took place in other areas of my life, I found myself interviewing for a teaching position in a self-contained Autism Spectrum Unit. I knew at the time that this would be a challenge, not just because of it requiring a change in my teaching style and thinking a bit “outside the box” but because I had spent the previous six months searching for a medical reason why I suddenly found myself exhausted at 8:30 in the morning after dropping my kids off at school, why I had pain that moved around my body, sometimes slight, sometimes excruciating, and why I found myself going night after night with little to no sleep. The answer had come the previous month: Fibromyalgia. When the doctor spoke that word, I had no earthly idea what he was talking about. I’ll get into the treatments I pursued and rejected as the months and years followed in a later post but suffice it to say it was the beginning of a long journey that has taken me to places I never expected. And in a strange way, it has led me here. It would be an understatement to say that I wasn’t completely terrified that I was getting in over my head by accepting that job but the relief of having a name, some medicine and a direction in which to start my treatment and hopefully healing, I was ready to try to get back to living, and teaching.

I completed the school year teaching in the ASD unit at that original school and then helped get a new ASD unit started at another school within our county, remaining there for ten years. 🙂 In the spring of 2016, I made the decision to make a huge change and leave the classroom to pursue another surprising adventure: teaching children’s yoga. Yes, the girl who started her career teaching children on the autism spectrum struggling to stand up for sometimes 30 minutes at a time, coming to work day after day with maybe two-three hours of sleep, experiencing pain so severe, one day it made me pass out at home. That girl became certified to teach children’s yoga and pursue it full time.

So here I am, one year out of the classroom but things didn’t go exactly how I envisioned. I’ve been blessed to get to know some of the most amazing families over the years. The last few years of teaching I began tutoring a couple families with children with special needs, some on the Autism Spectrum and some with other developmental disabilities. When I left the classroom full time, my tutoring “business” grew. So, I split my time between teaching kids yoga classes, private tutoring, and creating literacy based yoga sequences for teachers and homeschool families. I am a true believer that God will put you right where you need to be. Sometimes, it becomes clear fairly quickly and sometimes it takes a while to see how the pieces are connecting. The key is to remain patient and open. Pay attention to those little whispers and nudges in new directions. Someday, you may wake up and find your life has completely changed, one nudge at a time.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my story with you. There is more so follow along with  my blog as I share how I got med free and have remained that way for over seven years, how essential oils played a huge part in that, why kids yoga?? and my tips on following your dreams even if they are dreams you didn’t even realize you had! (Like me…an entrepreneur? Ha! I  never thought that would happen!)

As new kids yoga events approach, information and registration will happen on this site, ie: camp registration is still going on for kids yoga half-day camp and Power Up Creative Arts camp for 9-12 year olds. As school approaches,  registration for my preschool classes will also happen. Look for the Pre-KAY tab.

Looking for yoga sequences for kids with a literary connection? Check out the Love and Learning tab.