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Prana….What? Teaching Breathing Techniques to Kids

Written by Mariann Primus 6/30/17 Take a big breath. Inhale, blow up your belly like a balloon. Exhale, pop your balloon. Breathe with your diaphragm…. Whether teaching adults or children, there is a big focus in every yoga class on… Continue Reading →

Classic Kids’ Games…Yogafied!

Classic Kids’ Games….Yogafied! Written by Mariann Primus 6/19/2017 It’s summer and kids are out of school, i.e. BORED, or likely will be soon. Encourage them to take a break from screen time, grab some friends and teach them some of… Continue Reading →

Challenges: Opportunities for Change

First of all, thank you for stopping by! I have experienced many transitions in my life: health, career, and spiritually, and I hope that one or all my experiences may encourage and support you through your life transitions. So, whether… Continue Reading →

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